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Interesting Information from EEOC 2016 Statistical Data

New Overtime Rules To Go Into Effect December 1, 2016

NLRB Ruling Invalidates Employer Handbook Policies - Wait, What?

Co-Worker Not Liable for Malicious Prosecution

Secret Recordings in Sexual Harassment Cases - Lesson from Tennessee Court of Appeals

Misclassification of Employees As Independent Contractors - Department of Labor's New Interpretive Guidance

Supreme Court Clarifies Religious Discrimination under Title VII

NLRB Issues Guidance Outlining Unlawful Employee Handbook Provisions

Unauthorized Alien Permitted to Sue for Retaliatory Discharge in Tennessee

Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress as a Tag-Along to Retaliatory Discharge in Tennessee

U. S. Supreme Court Clarifies Title VII Sexual Harassment Standard

U.S. Supreme Court Limits Title VII Retaliation Claims

$3 Million Retaliation Verdict Reversed by Tennessee Court of Appeals

NLRB Decision Invalidates Employer's Policy Regarding Social Media

Employer Sues Employee for Monetary Losses - And Wins

Tennessee Supreme Court Permits Retaliation Case to Proceed

Sixth Circuit Age Discrimination Case Offers Primer

Employer Liability for Co-Worker Assault in Tennessee

New Tennessee Summary Judgment Standard Affects Employment Cases

Facebook Firing Case Settled

Supreme Court Expands Title VII Retaliation to Persons in "Zone of Interest"

EEOC Charges Up to Nearly 100,000 in 2010

NLRB Files Complaint Backing Employee Terminated Because of Facebook Posts Criticizing Supervisor

Tennessee Supreme Court Rulings of September, 2010 Significantly Limit Summary Judgment in Employment Cases - Will Ensure More Cases Go to Trial

Record Numbers of EEOC Charges in 2009

Nashville Retaliation Jury Verdict for $1.5 Million Following Supreme Court Reversal

Tennessee Court of Appeals Rules Non-Compete Unenforceable Attempt to Restrain "Ordinary Competition"

Tennessee Retaliatory Discharge Case Clarifies Employee's Subjective Intent Requirement

Employment Law and the Use of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc.

Recent Sixth Circuit Decision is Instructive Regarding "Hostile Work Environment" Sexual Harassment

Supreme Court Again Expands Retaliation Claims Under Title VII

Supreme Court Expands Retaliation Claims Under Title VII

Supreme Court Recognizes "Disparate Impact" Claims Under Age Discrimination in Employment Act (But With Limitations)

No More Weingarten Rights for Non-Union Employees

Supreme Court Clarifies Sexual Harassment "Constructive Discharge" Cases

Department of Labor Publishes Revised Overtime Rules

Supreme Court Rules ADEA Does Not Prohibit "Reverse Age Discrimination"