Bob E. Lype & Associates - Attorneys at Law in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Bob E. Lype - Attorney at Law in Chattnooga, Tennessee
Client-centered service in a general civil practice, with an emphasis in employment law matters, trial and appellate work, and general business advice.
Telephone: 423-499-0705
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Bob E. Lype, Attorney at Law in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Focusing on employment law, commercial litigation and business law matters since 1990

Bob E. Lype at Desk

Bob E. Lype has represented businesses and individuals since 1990 in a variety of legal matters in the Chattanooga area and in East Tennessee. He has practiced in both large firms and mid-sized firms, representing clients ranging from national and regional companies to individuals. Now he is dedicating his legal experience and expertise to clients in his own law office, in a setting which will allow him to provide the timely, efficient and personal service any client would expect.

"My commitment is to give my clients the same level of experience and expertise I gained practicing law with bigger firms, but with the level of personal service which can only be expected from a smaller law office."Bob E. Lype

Philosophy and Mission: A promise of client-centered service

I understand that legal representation is a service. Clients, whether they are businesses or individuals, need legal advice and representation in order to:

  • prevent or avoid legal problems;
  • resolve problems and conflicts;
  • understand their legal rights, in order to make informed decisions; and
  • when necessary, assert or protect their legal rights.

My pledge to clients, whether they are businesses or individuals, is to serve each client's unique needs with the attention, professionalism and skill they deserve.

Pledge to Clients

In order to provide these services, the client's needs are my driving force. My philosophy is to listen to clients in order to understand their needs, to assist them to make informed choices and decisions, to advise them according to my experience and expertise, and to work diligently to meet those needs.

Finally, and most importantly, I believe that by making client service the focus of my practice, I can best serve God and bring honor to Him. My law practice is my vocation and profession,
but above that it is an opportunity God has given me to be of service to others.